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2017-02-22 Registration & Shaker's Fundraiser
2017-03-03 New Swimmer Tryouts
2017-05-26 Time Trials
2017-06-03 at Glenmoor
2017-06-10 at Warm Springs
2017-06-15 San Leandro
2017-06-24 Seals
2017-07-08 Mission Valley
2017-07-15 at Chabot
2017-07-22 Bay Area Dolphins
2017-07-29 EBSL Championships

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2017 End of Season Awards


The MVP is given to the one female and one male swimmer in each age group who has consistenty been among the top competitors for the team. This year's awards go to:
Age Group Female Male
6 & Under Kalia Troche Daniel Dang
8 & Under Ellie Haba Joshua Hu
9-10 Shristi Bandyopadhyay & Isabel Wu Donovan Tse
11-12 Shelby LaPorte Jordan Le, Noah Rainey, and Gabriel Ibarra
13-14 Ashley Haba Beaumonte Tse
15-18 Emily Loaisiga Leonardo Tse

Tuna of the Year

The Tuna of the Year award, or Coach's Award, is given to swimmers who have shown hard work and determination throughout the swim season and have exemplified what it means to be a Bluefin. The recipientents are:
Coach Emily Emma Gambhir
Coach Johnelle Jimmy D'Amelio
Coach Kenny Derek Ponssen
Coach Victor Chang-Lynn Tan & Chang-MayTan
Coach Crosby Kabir Dhillon