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The Newark Bluefins are always looking for new talent. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our team and how to become a Bluefin

Q: Why should my child become a Bluefin?
A: The special thing about the Bluefins is that we are a recreational swim team that has a goal to create a positive and fun environment to learn the sport of swimming.

Q: When does your team start its season?
A: Our pre-season practices begin in early-April and run through our first meet in June.

Q: How long is your season?
The actual season runs from June to July.

Q: When are your competitions?
Competitions are typically on Saturdays with the occasional Friday night meet.

Q: How often do you practice?
A: The team practices daily Monday through Friday. Length of practices vary based on age group.

Q: Must you be a Newark Resident to join the Bluefins?
A: EBSL has an open borders policy. Families are free to choose any team regardless of residence.

Q: When are signups?
A: The team typically holds try-outs once a year in late March. Once decisions are made you will be invited to register your child with the team on the first day of practice.

Q: What are your requirements for making the team?
A: At a minimum the child must be able to complete one lap of each stroke on their own. Additional requirements vary by age of the child, the older the child the higher the expectations.

Q: How old does my child need to be to swim on your team?
A: Depending on ability, your child can begin at 4 or 5 yrs old. The team is always looking for new swimmers at various age groups ranging from Under 6 to 15 - 18 yr olds.

Q: Do siblings automatically make the team?
A: Siblings must attend tryouts and are subject to the same requirements as anybody else who would like to join the team. No exceptions.

Q: How should we prepare for the tryout?
A: To increase your chances of making the team, swimmers should be ready to go on the day of try-outs. If it has been a while since they have been in the water they will not do as well, so you may want to get them in a local lessons program before. .

Q: If we join the team and then change our minds can we ask for a refund?
A: Please refer to the Newark Bluefins Swim Team Refund Policy