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Big Tunas of the Week

The Big Tuna award was created to recognize individual swimmers for their hardwork and leadership. At the end of each week, Friday before a meet, our coaches will select their Big Tuna. The recipient will receive a special Big Tuna t-shirt.
In addition, "Tuna of the Year" award, or Coach's Award, is given to swimmers who have shown hard work and determination throughout the swim season and have exemplified what it means to be a Bluefin. The award is presented at the End of Season Party, and recipients recives special sweater.

Week of 5/25

Coach Noelle Jiahao Fu
Coach Johnelle Deborah Chen
Coach Kenny Balark Sen
Coach Victor Jarret Coleman
Coach Crosby Chang-Lynn Tan

Week of 6/1

Coach Noelle Jesus Trujillo
Coach Johnelle Suvan Bandyopadhyay
Coach Kenny Dante Do
Coach Victor Makda Tesdaye
Coach Crosby Grace Ricketts

Week of 6/8

Coach Noelle Ethan Yi
Coach Johnelle Kai Troche
Coach Kenny / Kabir Carolina Ureña
Coach Victor Ariana Leyva
Coach Crosby Teagan Rees

Week of 6/14

Coach Johnelle Jai Hu
Coach Kenny Fernando Ureña
Coach Victor Quinn Rees
Coach Crosby William Chen

Week of 6/22

Coach Noelle Alicea Leyva
Coach Kenny Ansha Kottapalli
Coach Victor Yennhi Nguyen
Coach Crosby Viet Nguyen