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Big Tunas of the Week

The Big Tuna award was created to recognize individual swimmers for their hardwork and leadership. At the end of each week, Friday before a meet, our coaches will select their Big Tuna. The recipient will receive a special Big Tuna t-shirt.
In addition, "Tuna of the Year" award, or Coach's Award, is given to swimmers who have shown hard work and determination throughout the swim season and have exemplified what it means to be a Bluefin. The award is presented at the End of Season Party, and recipients recives special sweater.

Week 1

Coach Emily: Kai Hu
Coach Johnelle: Melody Will
Coach Kenny: Amina Serghine
Coach Victor: Kevin Dalton
Coach Crosby: Will Chen

Week 2

Coach Emily: Kalia Troche
Coach Johnelle: Daniel Dang
Coach Kenny: Patrick Ho
Coach Victor: Aanchal Patel
Coach Andy: Esmeralda Pichardo

Week 3

Coach Emily: Emma Gambhir
Coach Kenny: Sean Cambhir
Coach Victor: Gabriel Ibarra
Coach Crosby: Sarah Izadi

Week 4

Coach Johnelle: Yazlyn Rohmani
Coach Kenny: Sophia McLoy
Coach Victor: Noah Rainey
Coach Crosby: Donovan Tse

Week 5

Coach Kabir: Suvan Bandyopadhyay
Coach Johnelle: Sam Rickets
Coach Kenny: Mikayla Esguerra
Coach Victor: Makda Tesfaye
Coach Crosby: Ashley Haba

Week 6

Coach Johnelle: Aiden Li
Coach Kenny: Ellie Haba
Coach Victor: Aiden Canen
Coach Crosby: Sabrina Fong

Week 7

Coach Emily: Annabella Leyva
Coach Kenny: Nyla Macairan
Coach Victor: Gabrielle Jubinville
Coach Crosby: Paris Nirona

Week 8

Coach Johnelle: Jeffrey Wu & Dante Do
Coach Kenny: Yennhi Nguyen & Nathan Tesfaye
Coach Victor: Annie Wu & Jarrett Coleman
Coach Crosby: Diego Urena, Jairo Gonzalez & Mateo Prieto

Tuna of the Year

Coach Emily: Jimmy D'Amelio
Coach Johnelle: Emma Gambhir
Coach Kenny: Derek Ponssen
Coach Victor: Chang-Lynn Tan & Chang-May Tan
Coach Crosby: Kabir Dhillon